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IHM is dedicated to our students’ success!


Founder & Executive Director

Marilee Pinkleton, CPM, is an apprenticed-trained midwife and has been practing for 15 years.  As a midwife, she feels called to support women as they journey through their pregnancies and birth.  As an educator, her desire is to support students on their journey to midwifery, as they learn about and experience the special connection between mothers and their midwives.

Marilee has three daughters and loves to garden, knit and read.  For her, IHM was the natural evolution of efforts that grew out of facilitating midwifery study groups, teaching workshops and presenting at conferences.

Administrative Director

Catherine Barrett, CPM, is an apprenticed-trained midwife and one of Marilee’s previous students.  She has four beautiful daughters, all of whom were born out-of-hospital, three of whom were born at home, including a posterior baby (#3) and a frank breech baby (#4).  Marilee had the amazing privilege of serving as her midwife.

Cathi has a BA in environmental science from the University of Virginia and a MA in environmental and resource policy from George Washington University.  She was working on a master’s degree in education when she had a life-changing experience: the birth of her first daughter at a birth center in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2000.  She became a certified Bradley Natural Childbirth Educator, DONA doula, and OOH birth assistant in 2001.  That same year she began apprenticing with Marilee and participated in a midwifery study group in the DC metro area.  Cathi finished her apprenticeship in 2005 and sat for the NARM exam in 2006.  She is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Since she began her midwifery journey, she has had the privilege of working with over 10 midwives—DEMs, CPMs, and CNMs—as well as many wonderful birthing women.

Cathi has a passion for teaching and is dedicated to her students’ success!  She goes to great lengths to support them as they work toward achieving their goals.  She is the Program Co-Director for IHM as well as the first-year instructor.  Her support and contributions are invaluable to IHM.

Cathi shares her life with her husband, Fred.  They live on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.


Past Webinar Guests

We’ve been so blessed to be joined by an amazing group of guest speakers who’ve enriched our students’ learning experiences!

  • Anne Frye, CPM & Author of Holistic Midwifery
  • Ida Darraugh, CPM, NARM Board Member & Testing Department Chair
  • Peggy Vincent, CNM & Author of Baby Catcher
  • Pamela Hunt, CPM, Farm midwife
  • Susan Weed, Herbalist & Author of Wise Woman Herbal publications
  • Michelle Pietrantone, DC, Chiropractor specialing in treating pregnant mothers and children
  • Susan Dodge, CNM & homebirthing mother & midwife
  • Lorrie Leigh, Student midwife & homebirthing mother
  • Sandra & Michael Swisher, birth center birthing family
  • Jenn Whitaker, HBAC mother of a breech baby
  • Camilla Yrure, homebirthing mother
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